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The new Light Truck tyre that can become your reliable partner - it takes you 10,000km further*, saves fuel and delivers shorter braking distances on wet roads..

  • Improved mileage, allowing you to drive further.
  • Increased fuel efficiency, saving you costs.
  • Better braking on wet roads, making your journey safer.
  • New compound technology that increases wear resistance, mileage and improves wet braking for enhanced safety.
  • The EfficientGrip gives you more mileage between tyre changes. Its silica tread compound keeps the tyre working for longer, saving you money.
  • Save on petrol and leave a smaller carbon footprint with the EfficientGrip, featuring FuelSaving Technology. Combining a lightweight structure with an advanced tread compound, the EfficientGrip needs less energy to make it roll. The result is lower fuel costs - and CO2 emissions – on every journey..
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