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A next generation pattern incorporating the latest in design and technology to provide a tyre with all-round performance improvements

  • 4 wide, longitudinal grooves and deep lateral grooves for remarkable wet weather handling, braking and hydroplaning resistance.
  • New profile design to reduce deformation stress and hence energy consumption for improved rolling resistance leading to better fuel efficiency and safety due to increased traction and braking response.
  • New compound with silica loading increases wet grip
  • Integrated profile bars on outer shoulder ensures even tread wear for longer tyre life and a quieter ride
185/60R13 80H 185/65R15 88H 195/65R15 91V
195/45R16 84V 195/60R16 89V 215/60R16 99H
185/55R14 80H 195/50R15 82V 205/55R15 88V
205/45R16 87V 205/65R16 95H 215/65R16 98H
195/70R14 91H 195/55R15 85V 205/60R15 91V
205/55R16 91V 215/45R16 86V 225/55R16 99W
185/55R15 86V 195/60R15 88H 205/65R15 94H
205/60R16 92H 215/55R16 93V 205/40R17 84W
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