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An all-terrain On-and-Off road tyre that provides long life, extra focus on on-road driving, great handling stability, and good wet performance.

  • Adoption of Long Connected Block design improves handling performance.
  • Super abrasion carbon improves the wear & handling performance.
  • Stone Ejector design at the shoulder main groove improves stone damage.
  • Large block design improves wear performance and uneven wear resistance.
31X10.50R15 109S 175/80R15 90S 205/70R15 96T
215/75R15 100/97S 225/70R15 100T 225/80R15 105S
235/75R15 104/101S 255/70R15 108T 265/70R15 112T
30X9.50R15 104S 175/80R16 91S 215/65R16 98H
215/70R16 100T 225/70R16 103T 225/75R16 110/107S
235/60R16 100H 235/70R16 106S 235/85R16 120/116R
245/70R16 111T 245/75R16 114/111S 255/65R16 109H
255/70R16 111T 265/70R16 112T 265/70R16 117/114T
265/75R16 112/109S 275/70R16 114T 285/75R16 122/119Q
215/55R17 94H 215/60R17 100H 225/60R17 99H
225/65R17 102H 225/70R17 108S 235/65R17 108H
245/65R17 107H 245/75R17 112S 265/65R17 112S
275/65R17 115H 285/65R17 116H 225/55R18 98H
235/60R18 103H 255/55R18 109H 255/60R18 112H
265/60R18 110H 285/60R18 120H 265/50R20 111H
275/55R20 113T 285/50R20 112H
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